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Phaco Training Course at India's SuVi Eye Institute & Research Center, Kota, India


Dear Friends, We invite you to visit our Center- SuVi Eye Institute & Lasik Laser Center, C 13 Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan, India ( for short-term training of Phacoemulsification technique. Please  watch various cases of phaco surgery at YouTube:

Phaco Training- Dr. MQ  from Azerbaijan during his visit to SuVi Eye Institute, Kota, India.

We at SuVi Eye Institute, Kota, India ( offer one of the best Phaco Training course in India. The phaco course is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual surgeon based on their skills. This step by step course will give the surgeons confidence to perform phaco surgeries independently after the completion of the course.

Advanced instrumentation and experienced Faculty are available in our training centre. Our Center is equipped with state of the art ophthalmic equipment with cutting edge technology. We have AMO Signature phacoemulsification system with Ellips FX transversal ultrasound, 2 AMO Sovereign Compact phaco machines with WhiteStar Technolgy, and one Alcon Legacy phaco machine.
A friendly surrounding highly personalized and customized training, always ready to help - enthusiastic staff in operating room, experienced team of surgeons/trainers … the end of phaco training you are a changed SURGEON… wearing a new attitude & confidence!
Details of Courses available:
A.  Basic Phaco Course for routine cataract cases.
B.   Advanced Phaco Course for complex cases such as black cataract, sub-luxated cataract, traumatic cataract with torn capsules, posterior polar cataract, hyper-mature cataract, small pupil, PXF, IFIS, pediatric and infantile cataract surgery, etc.
Duration of the Phaco Course
The Phaco course duration ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks. The duration can be tailor made according to the needs of individual surgeons.
Introduction of Phaco Course
Trainees will be taken through a introductory course in the initial period. They will be made to observe surgeries performed by experienced surgeons to have a better understanding of the procedure. The candidates will gain theoretical knowledge about the fluidics/Phaco Dynamics during the introductory period. Every day the trainee is trained in preoperative assessment and postoperative management of the patients too under the guidance of a senior consultant. In the event of a complication the trainee will be with the consultant to see how it is being managed with post operative care. The candidate will be provided a log book where they can record all their cases, complications, etc.
Training of Basics Skills
We encourage surgeon to perform phacoemulsification in topical anesthesia. The trainee surgeons will learn the following steps in the first 2 days. The training will be one on one so that more attention can be given to each trainee surgeon. The surgeons who train are senior faculty who have done more than several thousands phaco surgery.

1) Clear Corneal Incision (Depends on the skill level of the trainees)
2) Anterior Capsulorhexis
3) Phaco Trenching
4) Phaco Chopping
5) Irrigation and Aspiration
6) Foldable IOL Implantation
7) Stromal Hydration and Intracameral Injection of Antibiotics

All phaco surgeries will be recorded and trainee surgeons will have the chance to see the videos at the end of the day to understand the process and perfect their skills.

Periodical Evaluation
The surgeons would be evaluated in the midst of the course. They can also observe video recordings of their own surgeries and can correct mistakes, if any.
Advanced Phaco Course
Trainees will learn the following in Advanced Course.

1) The Direct Chop (Quick chop)
2) Bimanual Irrigation and Aspiration
3) Implantation of Foldable Lenses.
4) Usage of Capsular Tension Rings/Capsular Tension Segments
5) Used of Premium IOL (Multifocal/Toric, accommodative)

6. Piggyback IOL Implantation
7. Secondary IOL Implantation (Sutureless)
8. Infantile and Pediatric Cataract Surgery
Certification of Phaco Course
All the trainees’ receive a signed Certificate at the end of the phaco course done at our center.
Based on availability, we offer accommodation within the hospital premises and also breakfast, snacks, working lunch, soft drinks, mineral water, laundry, transport etc. Staying in the campus premises may reduce stress. We provide transport within city limits.
International Applicants can fly to JAIPUR, Rajasthan or to New Delhi. The most convenient way to reach Kota (from Jaipur or from Delhi) is to travel by train (about 5 hours journey) to reach Kota, Rajasthan.
From India, Kota is well connected by train (Delhi Mumbai track).
Please write to and send us your biodate and durationyou will like to come  for training. Once we receive your biodata we will provide you details about course fees etc.
For Further Enquiry, Please contact: Dr Suresh K Pandey
Director, SuVi Eye Institute & Lasik Laser Centre,
C 13 Talwandi, KOTA, RAJ., INDIA
Ph: +(91) - 744- 2433575,
+(91) 93514-12449 (mobile)
Visiting Assistant Professor
John A Moran Eye Center
University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Sydney Eye Hospital, University of Sydney, Australia 

Brief Bio-sketch of Dr Suresh K Pandey-
Director- Suvi Eye Institute and Research Center, VISX™ Advanced CustomVue™ Lasik Laser Center,  
C 13 Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan, India
Phone +91 (744) 2433575; +91 9351412449; 

A medical graduate of Rani Durgawati University, Medical College, Jabalpur, M.P., India; Dr. Suresh K Pandey completed his residency in Ophthalmology from prestigious Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India. He worked at Storm Eye Institute, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA, John A Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, USA & Sydney Eye Hospital, Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney, Australia from1998 to 2006. Dr. Pandey returned to India in 2006 to establish SuVi Eye Institute and Research Center at Kota, Rajasthan, India (
Dr. Pandey has presented more than 150 scientific papers in various international ophthalmological meetings and authored more than 100 scientific papers/communications, 50 textbook chapters, and 10 ophthalmic textbooks. Dr. Pandey’s book on Pediatric Cataract Surgery (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, USA) remains the bestseller on this topic. Dr. Pandey was invited to demonstrate Live Surgery at international meeting at Milan, Italy and Annual meeting of Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS), New Delhi, India.
Dr. Pandey received several prestigious awards for his research & surgical innovations, which include Best-of-Show Video Award, Best Poster Award, Best-Paper-of-the-Session Award for the surgical videos, scientific posters and papers in the national and international ophthalmology congresses including ASCRS, ESCRS, AAO, & APACRS. Dr. Pandey has received Achievement Award by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in the year 2002.
Dr. Pandey can be reached at Suvi Eye Institute and Research Center, VISX™ Advanced CustomVue™ Lasik Laser Center, C 13 Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan, India; Phone +91 (744) 2433575; +91 9351412449;     E-mail-,
Dr. Suresh Pandey’s surgical video can be viewed at



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Story of a child who has received a free "gift of sight" at SuVi Eye Institute Kota India after 15 years that lighted up her life

We are pleased to share this story of a child who has received a "gift of sight" after 15 years that lighted up her life. Example like this make this profession of eye doctor/ophthalmology really worthwhile. This 15 year old girl child from Rang Talab, Kota, India had a poor vision since birth, she came to us at SuVi Eye Institute & Lasik Laser Center, Kota, India with bilateral total lenticular opacity. Adding further to her miseries, her father passed away when she was just 3 year old and her mother somehow managed to feed her kids by working as a household help. She used to go to a Madarsa where she would learn by listening to her teachers as she could not see. Her teachers were quite dedicated and made lot of efforts over the past 4 years to get her eyes treated but did not succeed in their efforts partly because of financial problems and partly because of a general neglect of childhood cataracts at most Govt. facilities. Over the last 6 months, she had become virtually blind and could not go out of her house even to the school. This is when her teachers got her to us and we immediately did cataract surgery (topical phaco-aspiration) with multifocal IOL implantation (all without any charge) and for the first time, she could see so well (6/9 and 6/9 and N6 unaided). Despite so many efforts at the govt and NGO level in the field of cataract surgery, it is sad to see that there are still such cases that too not in some remote village, but within city limits. Clearly there is a need to involve childhood cataracts in our efforts in the NPCB.
Contact details: Dr Vidushi Sharma & Dr Suresh K Pandey- 
Suvi Eye Institute and Research Center, VISX™ Advanced CustomVue™ Lasik Laser Center, C 13 Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan, India
Phone +91 (744) 2433575; +91 9351412449; 

Karachi, Pakistan Software Engineer travelled to Kota, India for Eye Surgery at SuVi Eye Institute Kota Rajasthan India

An Engineer's Journey from Karachi (Pakistan) to Kota (Rajasthan, India) for Eye Surgery:
A Program "Aman Ki Roshni" (Spreading the Light Across the Border) was organized at SuVi Eye Institute & Lasik Laser Center campus, Kota, India on July 19, 2012. I G Police Shri Amrit Kalash, Mayor Dr Ratna Jain, Shahar Kazi were present to grace this occasion. This program was organized to convey a farewell to Pakistan (Karachi’s) Software Engineer who visited Kota, India to get his Eye Surgery done at Kota. July 17. His visit to India proved once again that human trust and empathy knows no boundaries, neither political, nor religious. While many patients come from Pakistan for heart surgery specially for kids at places like the Narayan Hridayalaya and other big institutions, this was a unique case of trans-border trust entirely on a patient to doctor level, for which the patient undertook this journey from Karachi to Kota. When it comes to people to people interaction, Indians and Pakistanis have always been very warm to each other and this was just another reinforcement of the need for the two neighbors to live like friendly neighbors.Mr. Fahim Uddin, in his early 40’s had myopia and he was using spectacle of minus 6 diopter in the right eye and minus 8 diopter in the left eye since childhood. Since past 5 years he noticed gradual decrease in his vision causing him difficulty to do his routine work. He consulted several eye doctors in Karachi who mentioned him that he has been suffering from lenticular opacity and need to undergo refractive cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation. Being a young, net savvy person, he did a lot of research on the internet, including Food and Drug Administration (USA FDA) websites, for the best suitable Intraocular Lens for his eyes that will enable him excellent near and distance vision without glasses. He then realized that a particular diffractive Multifocal IOL would be the best for him to get rid of glasses as well after the surgery. But this particular IOL was not available in Pakistan and would have been very expensive to arrange via Singapore. He then searched for doctors who were doing this IOL implantation in India and found Dr. Suresh Pandey’s many videos on YouTube regarding the same. He contacted doctors on phone to seek an opinion and then remained in touch via e-mail to discuss his condition. Since the patient was keen on this IOL and it was very expensive and difficult for him to get it done in Pakistan, doctors at SuVi Eye Institute offered to send the Intraocular Lens to him in Pakistan. But by then, the patient had developed his trust in the doctors here and decided to undertake the journey across the border to get his eye surgery done. A visa form for medical Visa and many formalities later, Mr. Fahim Uddin landed in Kota on July 9th and underwent both eyes surgery done by Dr Suresh Pandey & Dr Vidushi Pandey on July 9th and July 12th respectively. He is extremely happy with the results and the warmth he received from the entire hospital staff and people here. He even saw a movie (Bol Bacchan) in the cinema hall here and was thrilled with the excellent vision he had at both distance and near without glasses, with no night vision problems either. Dr. Vidushi Sharma, MD (AIIMS), FRCS (UK)* *Dr. Suresh K Pandey, MS (PGIMER), ASF (USA)* *SuVi** Eye Hospital** & Research Centre* *Kota**, Rajasthan, Phone 0744-2433575, 09351412449* *E-mail:* *Website:*
Video on YouTube:

 Karachi's Software Engineer Visited SuVi Eye Kota India for Eye Surgery