Friday, September 27, 2019

Secrets of Successful Doctors: A Complete Guide Fulfilling Medical Career
Are you a medical aspirant?
Are you a medical student?
Are you a young doctor who wants to be successful in your profession?

Secrets of Successful Doctors: A Complete Guide to a Fulfilling Medical Career
is a book written by the world renowned eye surgeon Dr. Suresh K Pandey (SuVi Eye Institute, Kota, Rajasthan, India) with the sheer purpose of facilitating the professional life of medical students and young medical professionals. This book endeavours to offer an in-depth analysis of the hurdles faced by medical students, and young and practicing doctors at various stages of their medical career, and how they can effectively make through those. Divided into four parts, the book emphasizes on how a medical student can make a stable entry into the medical world, strengthen their position as a successful doctor in the medical profession, and face national and global medical challenges efficiently.

Publisher: Maple Press (Pblishing Division), Noida, India

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  1. 1958, the year when Amanat Eye Hospital opened its doors for public, at Rawalpindi. The first private eye hospital of the city. As we moved step by step, staying abreast with the latest technology of the field, we marked our presence and our foot print for others to follow. Today we stand in our realm with a crown on our head, cherishing every accomplishment with a pride and with humility for we owe it to our patients.